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school marketing news

Why it is important to survey regularly at your school

Posted by Caitlin Quartermaine

Why it is important to survey regularly at your firmCreating a survey can take a great amount of time. It often involves seeking input and feedback from many different people to ensure that you are asking all of the necessary questions. At your school this could include your Enrolments team, your Principal, Business Manager, Year Level Managers … the list goes on! It can also take a while to collate the information and sift through the results after the survey closes. 

Although it can take a while to create and implement a survey, the benefits of surveying your parent body are endless. The results can provide valuable feedback and important insights, both of which are necessary to ensure you are providing a service that is valued by your parents, and prospective parents. 

Here are our top 4 reasons why it is important to survey regularly:

1. Improve your service
It is important to hear what your current parents think and to take their opinions into consideration. In large corporations, such as Apple, they regularly use customer feedback during the product development process. If there is something that your parents are not happy with, it is important that you listen, show that you care and find a way to improve your service.

2. Measure parent satisfaction
Measuring parent satisfaction is critical as it will help you to assess how pleased they are with your school and the service you are providing. If you are running an annual recurring survey, choose a time of the year and send out the survey at this time every year. The reason behind doing this is that parent satisfaction and involvement levels change throughout the year, depending on how busy they are or what events are occurring at that time. It is important that if you are using a survey to compare feedback with the previous year's feedback to send it out at the same time of year.

3. Make informed decisions
From hearing what your parents think and what is important to them, you can make informed decisions. For example, if your school is considering signing up to Twitter for the purpose of communicating with current parents but your past survey results show that most of your parents are not on Twitter, then it allows you to make an informed decision based on these results to use an alternative channel.

4. Lose less enrolments
Many parents appreciate being asked for their feedback as this helps them to feel that your school values them, their child and their opinions. Surveys also help parents to see that your school is committed to improving its service, and as a result improving the experience of its community.

By regularly surveying your parents, you are able to gain up to date information and feedback which will ensure that you can actively and quickly respond to negative feedback before a problem develops and causes the parent to become frustrated and remove their child from the school. 

Although it is important to regularly survey your parents, avoid surveying too frequently as this may annoy some. Discuss this with the school leadership team and decide on the frequency that works best for your school. The next step is to plan your survey schedule for next year. This will help you to map out your surveys so that you capture important feedback at the most appropriate times.

To learn more about why it is important to survey regularly or how to conduct a survey at your school, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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This blog was written by Caitlin Quartermaine

Caitlin has a background in project coordination and brand management in the areas of professional services and education. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys watching live music and spending time with friends and family.


Topics: Education, imageseven, Communication, Strategy, Marcom, School marketing strategy, School marketing