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school marketing news

How to focus your school's brand reputation management

Posted by Laura Sheahan

Previously known as PR and word-of-mouth marketing, brand reputation management (BRM) has been around for decades! However, the landscape in which it operates has changed fundamentally since then. Instant user-generated feedback via review networks and social media platforms is now commonplace, and means new challenges and opportunities for every school in appealing to prospective parents

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Topics: Education, Social media, SEO, Branding, Strategy, Marcom, Public relations, Customer service

Five tips to increase your school's search ranking

Posted by Andrew Sculthorpe

In this week's podcast, Brad and I discussed the basics of SEO; the hot new weapon in the social platform wars: content; how to brief an agency; Google’s Doodles; and change for change’s sake.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, SEO, Communication, Podcast, Marcom

Email regains top spot for school marketing

Posted by Celina Farrell

According to new research conducted by Econsultancy email is more likely to drive traffic to your website when compared to other digital marketing initiatives. In Econsultancy’s latest Email Marketing Census marketers claim that Email Marketing delivers the best return on investment (ROI).

Over the last eight years Email Marketing has consistently been cited by marketers as having delivered the highest or second highest ROI compared to other channels such as PPC, Search, Direct Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing. While digital channels keep sprouting like weeds, email has remained in the background as a reliable touch point for marketers, always evolving to help them engage further with customers.

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Topics: Email marketing, Lead generation, Education, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, imageseven, SEO, Branding, Communication, Strategy, School culture

Top 10 tips to attract international students to your school

Posted by Laura Sheahan

The role of marketing in education has never been more important. In an era of higher fees, schools need to work even harder to differentiate their offering from that of their competitors and prove their credibility.

Having worked in marcoms in the private sector, the idea of creating something that stands out from the crowd is instinctive for me — part of the job. But when I look at education, I see the sector is much slower in realising the potential impact creative marketing can have on student enrolments, particularly in the international education sector.

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Social media, Website, imageseven, SEO, Branding, Communication, Strategy, Social media management, School vision, Culture

Is your school connected to its parents on a 21st century level?

Posted by Karhlia Scata

Technology in the education world has rapidly developed with trends, software and social media constantly evolving. The question now is how does your school measure up? With prospective parents demanding a deeper level of engagement, it may be time to update and re-evaluate how effective your school is at communicating to parents on a 21st century level.

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Topics: Lead generation, Education, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, SEO, Branding, Communication, School culture, Marcom, Internal communication, Customer service, Leadership

What is your school’s ROI?

Posted by Andrew Sculthorpe

In last week’s SMC podcast, Brad and I discussed the topic of content and inbound marketing. It has taken centre stage since Kraft announced it saw four times better return on investment (ROI) through content marketing when compared to advertising. The UK newspaper the Guardian was quick to follow suit, revealing it’s opening an Australian branch of its branded content division, Guardian Labs. Its UK equivalent, formed in September 2013, has become a respected agency that works to develop native content advertising to encourage brands to move away from traditional advertising, and towards content based advertising.

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Topics: Lead generation, Education, Inbound marketing, Social media, Website, imageseven, SEO, Branding, Communication, Strategy, School culture, Marcom

I just don’t see the value a blog brings …

Posted by Laura Sheahan

So, you’ve been developing quality blog content consistently for two months, all of the topics address your target audience areas of interest, and you have used keywords throughout each blog to improve the SEO ranking … but you still have not seen an increase in traffic to your website?

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, SEO, Communication, Strategy, Blogging

Elevate your school with SEO

Posted by Laura Sheahan

Like everything in life, if we fail to plan, we may as well plan to fail, and search engine optimisation (SEO) is no different.

In our experience, many schools are putting a lot of time and effort into their website. They hire a team of professionals to tell them where everything should go, how it should look, what it should say and even how it should be said. You mull over each intrinsic detail until one day it is complete, and the team that you hired hand over the day-to-day maintenance to you. Delighted with your new school website and relieved that the project is complete, you and your team return to your ‘normal’ roles and responsibilities, logging on every now and again to update the content and ensure all is in order, right? …. Wrong!

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Testimonials, Social media, Website, imageseven, SEO

Use blogging to attract prospective students

Posted by Celina Farrell

The traditional forms of acquiring new enrolment applications – open days, direct mail, billboards, paid advertising, prints ads – are no longer working for many schools. Your potential students and their families are doing much more of their research before they even make contact with your school. Did you know 71 percent of people say blogs affect their purchasing decisions?

Through blogging, schools are able to attract the right types of students and share information with current students. Research shows that organizations that blog 16 to 20 times per month double their traffic versus those that blog fewer than four times per month.

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Topics: Inbound marketing, Social media, Website, imageseven, SEO, Communication, Social media management, Blogging

SEO basics everyone should know to get found fast

Posted by Laura Sheahan

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is complex, but ultimately it is used to get your school website found fast by prospective parents trawling through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing looking for the ideal school for their child. The more your site is properly optimised, the more likely search engines are going to find it, like it, and suggest it to people who are searching for you.

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, SEO, Strategy


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