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school marketing news

Where your school should focus its 2016 marcom activity

Posted by Andrew Sculthorpe

Nowadays, the data we have available to us is huge, but how often do we sit down and examine it, or even collate it?

Our friends at Convince and Convert put together a blog post on 10 insightful marketing charts from 2015. In this blog, we will outline what we believe to be the five most significant trends to monitor and measure.

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Show notes for podcast 47: 3 ways to generate enrolments

Posted by Fiona Hood

In podcast 47, Brad and Scully discuss nine tips to create dynamic email content and produce better results; how privacy law applies to schools; three ways podcasting can generate enrolments for your school; how Esperance Anglican Community School leapt into action when bushfires struck; and ten interesting marketing charts from 2015. 

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Topics: Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School marketing strategy, School marketing, School

How to combine print and digital media to maximise your schools newsletters

Posted by Brock Ashton

The growth of technology and the internet has forced the hand of many marketers to look for new and innovative ways to communicate and build a relationship with their audience. You need only look at the rapid rise (and continued growth) of Facebook and Twitter as a communication tool to realise just how the landscape has changed. But is the digital platform the best way to get in touch, and stay connected, with your parents, either prospective or current? The answer depends on the message you want to send, and who you are communicating with. Of course, there are pros and cons of both print and digital, so to help you get a better understanding of where you should focus your efforts let’s review the key benefits of each.

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Topics: Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, Newsletter, Digital marketing, School marketing strategy, Digital communication trends, School marketing, School

7 ways to legally grow your school’s email distribution list

Posted by Suzanne Willcock

Back in the old days buying a distribution list was pretty much the only option a school had if it needed to build a database of prospects quickly. Sometimes timeframes, campaigns and communication objectives meant that there really wasn’t any other option. But it was always fraught with problems … it was expensive, the list usually required some level of validation to ensure the data was current, bounce backs were huge, and the results rarely justified the expense. With the rise of email marketing, building an opt-in distribution list is easier than you think, inexpensive, legal and where school marketers should focus their energy. But first, a quick recap on why you should never ever buy a list …

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Topics: Enewsletter, Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School marketing strategy, School marketing, School

How to create effective school communications that will be read

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb

As a parent and marketing professional I am frequently frustrated with the quality and quantity of communication that I receive from my children’s school.

Just this week, my five-year-old was tasked with verbally providing me with vital information concerning her daily schedule. I received no note in her school bag. No email. Nothing in the enewsletter. And while she did pass the information on, I couldn’t quite believe that the school would not follow up with any method of formal communication. I didn’t believe her!

Communicating is a skill and the key to good communication is in understanding your target audience. I would argue that to discover the best way to communicate with your parent body is to ask them!

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Topics: Enewsletter, Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Copywriting, Marcom, School marketing strategy, Content marketing, School marketing, School

How to develop personalised welcome emails that convert

Posted by Clare Ravasini

How do you feel when someone forgets your name? You try not to take it personally, unless they’ve met you several times, in which case you may be slightly offended. The same is true with marketing emails, and it’s not just as simple as “insert first name here”. In an age where people are receiving more emails than they can poke a stick at, you’ve got to do more than simply remember someone’s name.

So, let’s start with how you welcome potential students and their parents to your school. Personalised emails can do a lot to inspire parents about your school, and keeping parents involved so that they become advocates of your brand should be a top priority. In many instances, schools are so focused on generating new enrolments that they forget to nurture the relationships with parents.

In this blog I’ll show you how to craft email campaigns that welcome new parents into a long and happy relationship with your school. Great welcome emails go further than confirming enrolment and giving them more information, they should make people feel excited about joining your community. 

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Topics: Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School marketing, School

Do school newsletters really work?

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb

As a marketing professional, I am frequently faced with questions from school principals concerning the validity of the school enewsletter. School principals want to know if this is a worthwhile communication tool. Is it working? Are people reading it?

I would argue that if you don’t know whether or not your current parents are reading your school newsletter; how much time they spend reading it; and which articles are of most interest to them — then you’re doing it wrong.

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Topics: Enewsletter, Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom

How to develop an email marketing strategy for your school

Posted by Melinda Webster

Email communication has wormed its way into our lives and it’s here to stay. According to Hubspot, it’s the preferred form of communication for the majority of consumers and the biggest driver of new leads. By taking advantage of this, you have the chance to market your brand effectively and at much less of a cost. Well-targeted emails with valuable content can certainly assist in establishing and maintaining relationships with your current and prospective parents. But beware: without the right strategy, you could do more harm than good.

Take a look at these top five tips to ensure your email marketing strategy packs a punch and achieves the most for your brand:

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Topics: Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Online marketing, Marcom

Getting time-poor parents to an event

Posted by Vanessa Klomp

Getting your message through to a busy parent is difficult at the best of times. Getting them to attend an on-site school event can be nearly impossible.

Here’s a few ideas ...

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Topics: Email marketing, Inbound marketing, imageseven, Communication, Online marketing, Marcom, Relationship marketing, Events

Can an ecommunication get you fired from your school?

Posted by Clare Ravasini

Looking back I am sure you can recall an instance where in the heat of the moment you hit send on a disgruntled text or email, and within moments of hitting send, a niggling feeling had you wishing you hadn’t been so hasty. These days the medium may be different but at the end of the day, the lesson is the same. Due to the immediate nature of ecommunications there is a risk that you could also jump the gun when it comes to what is being said. Schools regularly distribute electronic messages, whether it be externally in the form of an enewsletter, or internally through email correspondence, or even more publically with updates to your website, blog or social media accounts.

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Topics: Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom


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