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school marketing news

School reputation and high morale: is there a link?

Posted by Tess Palmyre on Thu, Feb 02, 2017

The short answer is yes; your school’s reputation is directly linked to staff morale. We place so much importance on schools’ outside reputations, but what about their internal culture?

Imagine your school as a theatre production. There is a front-of-house component; in other words, what the community and parents see. Then there’s the backstage crew, namely teachers and behind-the-scenes staff. Now they’re just as important (if not more so) and a huge part of ensuring that the performance goes ahead without a hitch. Keeping both the visible and invisible staff happy (high morale) is crucial to a successful production (school reputation).

Analogies aside, here are six reasons why high staff morale is absolutely vital to your school’s reputation and overall success.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Branding, Culture, Leadership, Management, Relationship marketing, Customer service, School, School marketing

How to encourage your employees to become brand influencers

Posted by Jessica Compton on Sun, Jan 22, 2017

Knowing someone with the inside scoop who can tell you why the school they work for is the bee’s-knees can be an effective influencer. In fact, 49 percent of Twitter users rely on recommendations from influencers versus 56 percent of users relying on recommendations from friends. Most people have at least one social media account with an average of 250 followers. That may not be a large following compared to celebrities, but your staff are closely engaged in their communities and this can provide that added oomph to their story. All employees are effectively brand ambassadors, from the cleaners to the executives. They may not be aware of the influence they wield, but by educating and encouraging your teachers and administrative staff you are able to extend the reach of your brand and bring authenticity to your story.

Here are five ways to encourage your employees to become brand influencers:

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School marketing strategy, School marketing, School, Culture, Branding, Content marketing, Inbound marketing, Leadership, Lead generation, Social media marketing, Storytelling

5 important lessons to learn from top marketing bloggers

Posted by John Igglesden on Sat, Oct 08, 2016

The internet is full of content. Never before have we had so much information at our finger tips and this is great news for school marketers! But with so much information out there it is not surprising that it is easy for us to become overwhelmed with content. However, there are some questions that get asked more often than others and some lessons more important. Below are some of the most important lessons to learn from top marketing bloggers.
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Topics: Blogging, Communication, Content marketing, Copywriting, Culture, Digital marketing, Education, imageseven, Inbound marketing, Marcom, School, School culture, School marketing, School marketing strategy, SEO, Social media, Social media marketing, Strategy

3 habits of the contemporary school marketer

Posted by John Igglesden on Sun, Oct 02, 2016

The role of a marketer has changed drastically since the days of Don Draper and Mad Men. Although this is true, ask a member of the public what a marketer does and you are likely to get an answer that hasn’t been correct for as long as Don has been retired. The famous ad men of the fifties and sixties may have set the stereotype for a marketer, but what does the contemporary marketer look like today? There are many different marketing roles across many different industries. Whether you are the lone school marketer working from half a desk or leading a big in-house marketing team, these three elements will be important. Here are three habits of the contemporary school marketer.

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Topics: Communication, Culture, Education, imageseven, Internal communication, Marcom, Public relations, School, School culture, School marketing, School Marketing Institute, School marketing strategy, School vision, Strategy

Interview with Adam Voigt – strong school culture [podcast]

Posted by Laura Sheahan on Wed, Sep 21, 2016

Brad interviews Adam Voigt, a speaker, coach and author that focuses on school culture. Adam and Brad discuss the definition of culture within a school and how school marketers can help move their schools toward a healthy culture; the role of emotion in the buyer process and how this effects prospective parents’ decisions; what it means to have a strong school culture; and how different teams in the same organisation can have different cultures. 

Listen to the podcast

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Topics: School marketing strategy, School marketing, Marcom, Blogging, Communication, imageseven, School, Education, Culture, School culture, Internal communication

Learn how to plan like a pro

Posted by Delora Chi on Thu, Jul 14, 2016

Behind every successful project is a plan.

Planning provides a clear direction and structure to achieve project delivery and also prompts you to consider risks, so you are prepared for the things that could go wrong.

And whilst it might seem like a fairly straightforward task, the following tips will help elevate your project planning and appropriate it for education marketing in the 21st century.

Here are our top 3 recommendations of how to plan like a pro:

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Topics: Education, School marketing strategy, School marketing, Marcom, Communication, imageseven, Culture, Internal communication

Deliver a clear brief - download the template for your school

Posted by Laura Sheahan on Sat, Sep 26, 2015

A clear brief will help to make sure that you and your agency, designer or copywriter are on the same page, delivering work that meets your expectations.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Branding, Marcom, Culture, Customer service

What to do when everything goes wrong

Posted by Brad Entwistle on Tue, Feb 03, 2015

There are days when things just don’t go your way ... and then there are days when the sky seems to be falling on your head, pushing you further into a storm.

Fortunately these days don’t come along that often. Crucial, decisive points in the history of your school deserve the title ‘crisis’.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Communication, School culture, Crisis management, Culture

If it’s urgent, call the school landline!

Posted by Laura Sheahan on Mon, Dec 15, 2014

The Global Human Capital Trends 2014* report revealed that information overload and the advancement of digital technology is pushing hyperconnected employees to breaking point.

With many struggling under the burden of information that they receive each day through email, mobile phone, landline, web and news feeds, the majority of hyperconnected employees stated that calling them on the landline was the best way to get urgent requests actioned. However, being constantly accessible by landline, mobile phone and email makes it harder for employees to do their job effectively.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Strategy, Issue management, Internal communication, Culture

Top 10 tips to attract international students to your school

Posted by Laura Sheahan on Wed, Oct 22, 2014

The role of marketing in education has never been more important. In an era of higher fees, schools need to work even harder to differentiate their offering from that of their competitors and prove their credibility.

Having worked in marcoms in the private sector, the idea of creating something that stands out from the crowd is instinctive for me — part of the job. But when I look at education, I see the sector is much slower in realising the potential impact creative marketing can have on student enrolments, particularly in the international education sector.

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Topics: Education, Strategy, Branding, Inbound marketing, Communication, School vision, Culture, Social media, Website, imageseven, SEO, Social media management


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