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school marketing news

How to gain a competitive advantage using A/B testing

Posted by Vanessa Klomp

Christmas is coming! Can you believe it is already August? It won’t be long before it is Christmas and it will be time to review the year, and in particular your school marketing plan. Some marketing elements you may consider whilst conducting the review are your website or email campaigns. So with this in mind, have you taken a look at your A/B testing recently?
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Topics: Lead generation, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, A/B testing, School marketing, School

A/B testing made simple

Posted by Vanessa Klomp

Are you still procrastinating about it?

If you’ve been following our blog series on A/B testing, you’ll know that earlier this year we posted a couple of blogs on the topic: A/B testing 101 for schools and A/B testing for schools – what you should and shouldn’t do - If you haven’t read these posts you might want to take a quick look now.

In the blogs, a lot of possible elements were mentioned for you to consider when conducting an A/B test, which may make it all seem a bit mind-boggling. But, one thing should remain foremost in your mind and that is to only test one element at a time and keep all other factors separate as much as possible.

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, imageseven, Communication, Online marketing, Marcom, A/B testing

A/B testing for schools – what you should and shouldn’t do

Posted by Vanessa Klomp

Recently we posted a blog on how to run an A/B test and how simple it is to implement.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, A/B testing

A/B testing 101 for schools

Posted by Vanessa Klomp

In really simple terms, A/B testing gives you an insight into visitor behaviour and can help to increase your conversion rate. But what exactly is an A/B test and when should you implement a test?

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, imageseven, Communication, Online marketing, Marcom, A/B testing


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