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school marketing news

Learn to meet the online needs of prospective parents

Posted by Melinda Webster

Increase enrolmentsThe majority of prospective parents will attempt to connect with your school online at some point during their search for information. Having the ability to map this journey and understand the natural progression of your prospect’s search is the key to converting them to a lead. The better understanding you have of your prospect’s needs, the more efficiently you can deliver the information they’re after, and at the right time. This in turn, will ensure their online experience in relation to your school is a positive one — a vital component in terms of conversion.

There are a number of marketing automation tools to help you retrieve the data that will tell you what you need to know. It’s then up to you to analyse this data and optimise your content to suit your prospects’ needs.

You may be wondering, what is the prospect’s journey? The prospect in this case, is a prospective parent. Their ‘journey’ is the research process they go through before eventually making contact and potentially enrolling their child in your school. Marketers often refer to this in the following three stages:

  1. Awareness stage
    Your prospect is searching for information. They might be searching for schools in the area or they may be looking for information about your school in particular. You want this first point of contact, when your prospect is initially becoming aware of your school, to make a good impression. You should also ascertain the source that led your prospect to your website. Analyse your SEO results. Are you visible in Google organic searches? Are prospects accessing your site from a computer, smartphone or tablet? All of this data will ensure you’re optimising your content effectively. Your website should be informative, aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Enticing your prospects to commit to a call to action (CTA) at this stage, such as signing up to your e-newsletter, will allow you to follow their journey with ease and nurture them with quality content to suit their needs. 

  2. Consideration stage
    In the consideration stage, your prospect is actively searching for details about your school. If you haven’t already, aim to present a CTA as a natural progression in your prospect’s search. You can then tailor your content, which should focus on what sets your school apart. News items or blogs that highlight academic and sporting achievements as well as your school’s involvement in the community will help a prospective parent get to know your school. Valuable information can be obtained by utilising analytic tools that tell you how many times your prospect visits your site, which pages they’re viewing and conversion rates. 

  3. Decision stage
    In the decision stage, your prospect has defined their need: an appropriate school for their child. At this point, your concern is assuring your prospective parent that your school is the best option for their child. This is an ideal opportunity to encourage your prospect to contact you for more information, arrange for a prospectus or enrolment pack to be sent out or register for a school tour.

Mapping your prospect’s journey is all about understanding their needs and delivering the content they’re after to ensure their experience with your school is a positive one, establishing an assured relationship from the very beginning.

Discover how to turn your school's existing website into a valuable tool that converts visitors into leads and ultimately confirmed enrolments by downloading our free ebook 'converting hits into enrolments':

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If you would like to talk to us directly about your website, you can email me andrew@imageseven.com.au or register for a free 20 minute phone or Skype consultation … no sales pitches, I promise … just good, sound advice.

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This blog was written by Melinda Webster

As Account Manager at imageseven, Melinda is committed to the unique journey of every client to bring their ideas, hopes and value to fruition. Originally from Sydney, her newest passion is exploring the beauty of the West Coast.


Topics: Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, Communication, Marcom