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school marketing news

How your school can build an effective content calendar

Posted by Maclain Bruce

How your school can build an effective content calendarYour school is probably producing a plethora of content – website news articles, school email newsletters, social media posts, videos, blogs, media releases, podcasts, printed magazines and brochures and a whole lot more. As a school marketer, making sure you stay ahead, meet publication deadlines and consistently produce and post quality content is crucial. How do you stay on top of all of this? Building an effective content calendar is the only way.

To make it clear – a content calendar is a central, constantly evolving record of all communications you are posting, sharing, producing or printing.

Here are the top 5 benefits of having a content calendar:

1. One central source of all communications information housed in a single place – either online using a calendar, within a social media management tool, or simply a good old spreadsheet.

2. Accessible by all staff to update and follow.

3.Alleviate the issue of not knowing what to post on social media – mapping out future posts means you don’t have to work from a blank canvas. 

4. Regular content schedule – being consistent in sharing and posting content will help with planning staff workflows and allow you to plan and work ahead of time. It also gives you the opportunity to build a rapport and relationship with your audience by posting regular quality content, and positioning you as a voice of authority in your marketplace.

5. Save time and improve the quality of future content – keep track of what is performing and focus future content around these successes.

So what should a content calendar include? Here are our top 5 suggestions:

1. All key details – content piece name, theme or overview, who is responsible for what, publish date, call to action (if you are promoting a key event or download offer), status of the project (draft, waiting for approval or published) and proofing status.

2. All communication channels – social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.), school email newsletters, magazines, year books, hard copy publications or brochures, media releases, blog articles, website news articles, events and any other key communication vehicles you may have. Think of this as your one stop communications workshop.

3. A key or icons to show what will be published on which channel – for example you may post about an upcoming open day event on Facebook, promote on your website and send a media release out, but not share this on Twitter or Instagram.

4. Break it up – split the calendar into months and make sure it is clear and easy to read. Plan ahead and consider what topics may be relevant to particular months, such as tips on what parents need to organise before the start of the school term.

5. Keep a record of your content – if using a spreadsheet for your calendar you could have a sheet that lists the key content pieces that are important to promote from time to time with your content (e.g. a school prospectus, white paper or video content).

Establishing a content calendar to map communications across all channels is highly recommended and can have major benefits to the quality of your marketing communications. Following these simple steps will help you pull together a calendar that is optimised to help you achieve your school’s marketing objectives.

To learn more about how to effectively organise your content to maximise your marketing efforts, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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This blog was written by Maclain Bruce

As a Senior Account Manager, Maclain works with a number of key imageseven clients to deliver marketing and communications insights and solutions. When he is not busy with this, Maclain enjoys playing, watching or talking about basketball (or any sport really!).


Topics: Education, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Content marketing, School marketing