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school marketing news

How to promote your school blog through social media (part 1)

Posted by Geoffrey Macadaeg

How to promote your school blog through social mediaThere are many ways to promote your school blog, but the most efficient way by far is through sharing on social media networks. There were 2.3 billion social media users in 2016, and it is expected that there will be 2.95 million users by 2020. There are many active users across different social media platforms at any given time, so delivering your content to a wider audience is as easy as attaching your blog URL to your social media posts.

Except it’s not as easy as it seems.

Millions of messages are posted across social media platforms each day, and your promotions can get lost in the clutter. Additionally, your competition is continuously finding ways to become the better online marketer, and your audience is always on the lookout for fresh content to read and share.

In order to get noticed by your audience, you will need to use more creative and effective ways to lead them to your blog. Here are some tried and tested methods on how to promote your school blog through social media.

  • Develop and follow an editorial calendar
    An editorial calendar is a must for any serious school marketer who wants to develop highly organised and efficient social media promotions. With an editorial calendar, you can create timely promotional posts for your blog entries across different social media platforms and create a consistent stream of posts for your audience to follow. By creating a habit out of strictly following your editorial calendar, you can get more social media users who will always be on the lookout for your latest blog entry.

  • Post consistently and at the right time
    You must be able to share and promote your blog entries consistently to entice your audience. In order to reach out to as many people as you can on social media, you must know the time when most of them are active online, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have the data, you can create a posting schedule to maximise the visibility of your posts. You can then use social media automation tools such as Hootsuite and Dlvr to schedule posts in advance and in proper intervals. 

  • Place a link to your blog in all of our social media profiles
    Placing your blog’s URL in your social media’s “About” section is a convenient solution to lead your followers to your blog. You can create a shortened version of your blog’s URL to make it fit in sections that have word count limits, like Twitter and Instagram.

  • Place social media widgets on your blog
    Adding social media widgets encourages your readers to become more engaged with your content and share your posts to their peers. These widgets include buttons that connect you to your readers (Facebook likes and Twitter follows), buttons that allow your readers to share your content to their personal social media, and logins that enable your readers to place comments on your blog.

  • Optimise and maximise your posts according to the social media platform
    Each social media platform contains a unique and customisable set of features that you can utilise to improve the chances of getting your links clicked. By using these features properly, you can optimise your promotions for each social media platform so that you can be more visible in the highly competitive social media news feeds.

Here are some ways to optimise your presence across different social media platforms:

Facebook – You can create and attach a large and colourful custom image to grab your audience’s attention. Also, you can schedule posts in advance so that you can create timely posts.

Twitter – Despite the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter, you can create eye-catching notifications for your followers to check your latest blog post. The Twitter feed can serve as a quasi-RSS feed for your latest content. You will just need to shorten your blog post URL so that it can stay below the character limit. Also, the hashtag and Twitter chat features allow you to organise and track topics and connections to create well-targeted blog post promotions. With Twitter, you can respond quickly to people who are interested in your blog post entries.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn has a unique publishing platform that allows you to repost your entire blog post in it. If you plan to repurpose your blog entries on LinkedIn, select a few of your best blog entries and include the original source URLs at the beginning and end of each entry. You can also post your content across many LinkedIn groups related to your school. Being active in LinkedIn group discussions can help you establish your authority in particular topics related to your field.

  • Make your social media posts more interesting and intriguing
    With so much content posted in real time, getting your social media posts noticed can be a challenge. Additionally, your online audience would only notice and share a select number of posts, depending on the quality of the post they see in their feeds. To get their attention, you can work on these two aspects of your posts.

Change your social media post headline – One good way to check the effectiveness of your blog headline is by answering the question “Is this post shareable?” If you think the headline alone can encourage user shares, then you can add it to your list of headlines for the post. Your post headline doesn’t have to be similar to the headline you used for your blog entry – you can tweak your headline’s tone and style to earn attention. You can then create a list of headlines for the same blog entry, which you can use if you plan to repost it on social media. You can also A/B test your headlines to see which social media platforms each headline will work best. To get you started with creating more headlines, you can create a set of interesting headlines with keyword generation tools like BuzzSumo.

Add a striking image – You can add big, clear, and colourful images to your social media posts to quickly get the attention of your audience. It’s a fact that posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get more engagement if they have images. If you have a striking image that complements your blog headline, people will be more likely to click your link.

With an online marketer's mindset, you can view social media as a very potent tool that can connect you and potential enrollees in real time. With proper understanding of your target prospects, you can develop direct and effective social media promotions that can create more conversions for your school. If you want to know more about the techniques and tools that can improve your social media marketing, watch our social media webinar:

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This blog was written by Geoffrey Macadaeg

Geoffrey has been working in the marketing and PR industry since 2006. He is currently mastering the art of inbound marketing and familiarising himself with the Australian academic system. Outside of his Content Marketing Specialist role at imageseven, he spends his time collecting diecast model cars and playing the drums with his pop band.


Topics: Education, Social media, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing, School marketing