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Shelley Garcia-Webb

As a Senior Account Manager, Shelley oversees the corporate communications for a large portfolio of clients. She has a strong reputation as a dedicated marketing professional with a keen eye for detail. When she’s not writing creative copy or juggling multiple projects she can be found obsessing about food, dreaming about outdoor adventures and travel and dancing to live music … especially The Cat Empire.

Recent Posts

How to reap results from your social media competitor analytics

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Thu, Nov 08, 2018

Keeping track of your competitors’ social media activities is imperative for your school brand survival and for the proper curation of your own social media content. If social media is a strong component of your overall school marketing strategy, competitor analysis is a must-have tool in your marketing toolkit.

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Topics: Content marketing, School marketing, School marketing strategy, School, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, Education, Social media marketing, Social media management, Social media, Analytics

How to effectively use prospect testimonials in your school content

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Thu, Jun 07, 2018

The benefits of customer testimonials and user-generated content to marketing are profound. Consumers are becoming savvier when conducting online research and require greater social proof when making a purchase decision. According to Nielsen, the top two most trusted sources for buyers are recommendations from family/friends (92 percent) and consumer reviews (70 percent).

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Testimonials, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School marketing strategy, Content marketing

How to turn casual website visitors into followers

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Tue, Sep 26, 2017

Website visits are no longer key performance indicators of marketing success. It’s not enough to simply measure how many hits your site gets. We now need to look at ways to turn casual website visitors into followers. Creating relevant content and maintaining a strong social media presence have never been more important.

Research conducted by Hubspot shows that websites that create a lot of content, build active social media profiles and blog regularly are more successful.

Converting visitors to followers is critical to your school’s marketing success. Here are five ways to turn casual website visitors into followers:

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Topics: Communication, Marcom, imageseven, School, School marketing, School marketing strategy, Education, Inbound marketing, Branding, Content marketing, design, Digital marketing, Online marketing, School website, Website

How to use humour in blogs

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Humour is a human trait. Using humour in blogs can help personalise content and build trust. It can make reading your blog fun for your audience. Readers take just a few seconds to decide whether or not your content is useful. You don’t want to make reading your blog hard work – your content needs to be entertaining and engaging.

People have a natural inclination to be funny – humour can be used as a coping mechanism when feeling anxious and is a great way to form bonds. In writing, it is a way of humanising us. It can demonstrate that a writer’s opinion aligns with that of the reader. It is a way of building trust, can boost your brand equity and enhance the perception of authenticity. Often it can also provide a point of difference from your competition.

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Topics: Blogging, Strategy, Communication, Inbound marketing, School, School marketing, Education, imageseven, Marcom

Why key messaging is important for your school

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Sat, Jul 23, 2016

Words and images have been the go-to ‘gadgets’ in every marketer’s toolkit since marketing was invented. Nothing much has changed from this perspective. But with advances in digital marketing, it has become more difficult than ever to break through the noise. Brands need stories that are well crafted and memorable.

School Principals and CEOs of listed corporations alike must be able to articulate their brand story. One of the primary ways we make sense of our world, and our place in it, is through stories. The same is true of brands. Brand stories give meaning to who we are and what we do.

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Topics: School marketing strategy, School marketing, Communication, imageseven, Education, Marcom, Messaging

How to bring marketing to the boardroom

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Tue, Jul 12, 2016

Often it’s difficult for school marketers to win a seat at the boardroom table. I am sure many of us have heard the phrase, “education is our core business.” Any school marketer who has earned a place in the boardroom, has likely won a hard-fought battle. But for most schools and colleges, their brand is one of their most significant assets. So if your brand is truly your most valuable resource, then decisions about marketing and brand do have a rightful place in the boardroom.

Boards are generally responsible for the governance and business direction of schools. They are typically comprised of educators, business leaders (across varying sectors), and in some cases, representatives of the Church. In terms of marketing, the role of the school Board or Council is to:

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Topics: School marketing, School marketing strategy, Strategy, imageseven, Education, Communication, Marcom

How social media advertising can help your school

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Sat, Jul 02, 2016

School marketers tend to be sceptical when it comes to investing in paid advertising on social media platforms. Having embraced the social media marketing trend, the leap to paid advertising still has a way to go in the education sector. After all, why pay for it when you can get it for free?

Marketing experts have already succeeded in demonstrating that social media is a great way to market your brand, increase enrolment leads and attract prospective families. But with social media platforms increasingly pushing toward a paid space model, pursuing paid advertising options on social media can help marketers increase their reach and attract prospects that would otherwise have been difficult to target.

Social media networks are redefining what it means to advertise on social media. Marketers have been forced to create quality content that adds value to the lives of their prospective buyers. The days of the banner ad are over.

So, here’s how social media advertising can help your school …

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Topics: Education, Social media, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing, School marketing

How to use Twitter to promote your school

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Sat, May 14, 2016

How to use Twitter to promote your schoolTwitter can be a powerful relationship building, relationship management and customer service tool. Sharing content to Twitter can also drive traffic to your website, providing you with the opportunity to convert those visitors to enrolment leads.

Twitter can help to:

  • Monitor and interact with people talking about your school, industry and competitors.
  • Create buzz around upcoming events.
  • Allow individual employees to act as liaisons to the public – we call these social media advocates or champions.
  • Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for PR opportunities.

How can you use Twitter to promote your school? We’ve developed 6 simple steps to help you navigate the Twitter sphere:

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Topics: Education, Social media, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing, School marketing strategy, School marketing

Why employee advocacy is vital to social media success

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Sat, Mar 19, 2016

It’s often said that word-of-mouth is a school’s number one selling tool. If you were to delve into your enrolment trends, I’m sure ‘reputation’ and ‘word-of-mouth’ would feature very prominently among the top reasons why parents chose your school.

Research shows that positive testimonials can increase the likelihood of someone making a purchasing decision by as much as 58 percent. With a purchasing decision as important as your child’s education and future, trust is vital.

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Topics: Education, Social media, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing, School marketing, School

What will your school do differently in 2016?

Posted by Shelley Garcia-Webb on Sat, Jan 09, 2016

With the holiday season over, it is now time to make some smart decisions that will put you on the right track for 2016.

Many of us will have emerged from our post-Christmas coma with grand ambitions for the New Year - lose weight, give up chocolate, take up running. These resolutions recognise where we might have gone wrong in previous years or how we could do better on our path to self-improvement.

So, it’s 2016, a New Year and a new opportunity to set some ambitious goals in our working environment as well as on the home front. 

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Topics: imageseven, Communication, Strategy, Marcom, School marketing strategy, Marketing and communications audit


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