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Melinda Webster

As Account Manager at imageseven, Melinda is committed to the unique journey of every client to bring their ideas, hopes and value to fruition. Originally from Sydney, her newest passion is exploring the beauty of the West Coast.

Recent Posts

4 top marketing trends to devise the most successful strategy

Posted by Melinda Webster

Over time, the needs of your school are going to change. Budgets are becoming increasingly scrutinised with greater pressure on School Heads to plan and prioritise strategy. We’ve outlined the top four marketing trends that have been proven to enhance the communication power your school can have in your community.

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing, School marketing strategy, School

Learn to meet the online needs of prospective parents

Posted by Melinda Webster

The majority of prospective parents will attempt to connect with your school online at some point during their search for information. Having the ability to map this journey and understand the natural progression of your prospect’s search is the key to converting them to a lead. The better understanding you have of your prospect’s needs, the more efficiently you can deliver the information they’re after, and at the right time. This in turn, will ensure their online experience in relation to your school is a positive one — a vital component in terms of conversion.

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Topics: Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, Communication, Marcom

The 5 keys to mobile optimisation

Posted by Melinda Webster

Mobile phones have become our main communication device. We don’t leave home without them and use them to carry out a huge percentage of our daily duties.

Parents want information on the move and your school needs to cater for this. It’s a fact that the majority of parents are time poor, so if they cannot access your website or e-newsletters on their phone the chances are your information is not going to be communicated.

Here are five keys to mobile optimisation to ensure your website is on the right track:

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School website

Use testimonials to break down barriers in your school

Posted by Melinda Webster

Positive, genuine testimonials help break down barriers between your school and your parents. They create trust. 

Parents want reassurance that you can deliver what you promise and there’s no better proof than the first-hand experience of a satisfied customer.

According to Hubspot, 78 percent of people say they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from acquaintances. From booking hotels to hiring tradesman, people actively seek out reviews of schools before they commit.

Presenting the positive feedback generated by your school goes a long way to protecting and building the reputation and image of your brand. The right kind packs a punch, and here are four reasons why your school needs them:

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Topics: Education, Inbound marketing, Testimonials, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, School marketing strategy

Five tips to unlock your school’s social media success

Posted by Melinda Webster

People use social media to stay up to date with the latest news. You only need to look to the amount of Twitter activity that ensues when a major news story or event is occurring, to realise the way we receive news and information has changed.

Social networks revolutionised the sharing of information and ideas because they simplified the method of communication. It suddenly became very easy to receive snippets of information in a matter of minutes. And for time poor parents, this notion is gold. Gone are the days you hoped those squashed newsletters stuffed into school bags were going to reach the eyes of parents. You can now take the steps to ensure parents are informed, and social media is an effective way to do this.

Here are five simple tips to guide your school’s social media strategy:

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Topics: Education, Social media, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing

6 things you need to stop doing on social media now

Posted by Melinda Webster

Social media is a powerful tool and one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your school at much less cost. It’s your chance to communicate your school’s voice and create meaningful relationships with your current school community and prospective parents. However, it’s important your strategy is well thought-out, as the potential to cause harm is very real. You want to enhance your school’s value, not tarnish it, and there’s a range of common mistakes that are easy to make. Ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to avoid committing these six crimes:

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Topics: Social media, imageseven, Communication, Social media management, Marcom, Social media marketing

How to develop an email marketing strategy for your school

Posted by Melinda Webster

Email communication has wormed its way into our lives and it’s here to stay. According to Hubspot, it’s the preferred form of communication for the majority of consumers and the biggest driver of new leads. By taking advantage of this, you have the chance to market your brand effectively and at much less of a cost. Well-targeted emails with valuable content can certainly assist in establishing and maintaining relationships with your current and prospective parents. But beware: without the right strategy, you could do more harm than good.

Take a look at these top five tips to ensure your email marketing strategy packs a punch and achieves the most for your brand:

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Topics: Email marketing, Education, imageseven, Communication, Online marketing, Marcom


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