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school marketing news

Gilbert Siahaan

Recent Posts

The critical KPIs of school content marketing

Posted by Gilbert Siahaan on Thu, Dec 20, 2018

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that is used to judge how effective an organisation is at achieving key objectives. Organisations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets. KPIs are important in the world of content marketing so that we can measure the effectiveness of what we produce. We’ve put together a list of some of the critical KPIs of school content marketing.

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Topics: Social media, Social media marketing, Education, School, School marketing, School marketing strategy, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, Inbound marketing, Website, Strategy, Online marketing, Positioning, Digital marketing

How to use video to improve your school marketing

Posted by Gilbert Siahaan on Thu, Nov 22, 2018

Videos are one of the greatest tools a school marketer has. Videos are engaging, with Facebook reportedly receiving eight billion video views per day; they are easier to digest than long pieces of text; and they are personable, helping you to build a stronger trust between your school and your audience.

Here are ways how to use video to improve your school marketing.

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Topics: Education, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Online marketing, School culture, video, School marketing, School website, Digital communication trends, School marketing strategy, Visual identity, Website, Inbound marketing

5 reasons why school webinars work

Posted by Gilbert Siahaan on Thu, Oct 18, 2018

Webinars are used to deliver seminar-style content through an online platform. The purpose of a webinar is to present a topic that is relevant and engaging for the intended audience. Webinar formats can vary from being a one-way pre-recorded video or an interactive session where hosts and viewers can respond in real time. Even today, webinars are proven to be a very helpful tool in school marketing. Here are some of the reasons why school webinars work.

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Topics: Communication, Marcom, imageseven, School, School marketing, School marketing strategy, Education, Inbound marketing, Branding, Content marketing, design, Digital marketing, Online marketing, School website, Website


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