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school marketing news

3 habits of the contemporary school marketer

Posted by John Igglesden

3 elements of the contemporary school marketer

The role of a marketer has changed drastically since the days of Don Draper and Mad Men. Although this is true, ask a member of the public what a marketer does and you are likely to get an answer that hasn’t been correct for as long as Don has been retired. The famous ad men of the fifties and sixties may have set the stereotype for a marketer, but what does the contemporary marketer look like today? There are many different marketing roles across many different industries. Whether you are the lone school marketer working from half a desk or leading a big in-house marketing team, these three elements will be important. Here are three habits of the contemporary school marketer.

  1. Be technology and data savvy
    Efficiently making use of the new martech (marketing technology) available is one of the best ways to increase your productivity and efficiency. The trick is to only select what will actually help you. A school marketer will often find that simple, effective tech will be the most helpful. It is unlikely that you have a huge budget or plenty of time and resources over all so keeping things simple will be most helpful.
    Another important part of using technology is the data and analytics it generates to measure your efforts. There are masses of data available to us in the form of social media posts, email and website views to name a few, it would be a waste not to use it. The internet is full of cheap or even free analytical tools that can be very informative. Check out our broad list of cool tools here. Measure what you can, learn, make changes and repeat.
  1. Cover a broad range of disciplines and stay up to date
    Being able to quickly transform your role is very important for the contemporary marketer. Within the school situation, you could go from organising a school event, to editing a newsletter, to writing copy for an advertising campaign. It is also important to adapt to the changing marketing environment with agility. This means more than just marketing and online technology. Utilising good marketing and strategic practices are more important than ever and there is always great new content being released often through blogs. Check out our broad list of ‘best of web’ blogs here. Although schools are often last responders in the marketing field, early adoption and awareness of the marketing area in general is important for staying up to date. Subscribe to some marketing blogs and read as much as you write. Lastly don’t be afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty. The contemporary marketer can no longer sit in their metaphorical (or literal) plush leather chair in their big office and watch from above. Get out and about on the floor and be around what’s happening. Talk to the other staff in your school, see what is working and what needs improvement and work to change these things.
  1. Be authentic and transparent
    In this online age you can’t get away with anything and once you’ve been caught it is almost impossible to keep anything quiet. Having a policy of complete transparency will assure that you are above reproach. In the past, marketers have also had a bad reputation for being deceptive (often unfairly but sadly sometimes it is justified). With this in mind, it is especially important for the modern, contemporary marketer to challenge this stereotype and positively influence the incorrect perceptions associated with the marketing profession.

If you would like to learn more about the three core competencies of successful professional services marketing, watch our recent webinar, how to get noticed at your school:

73. How to get noticed at your school smc

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This blog was written by John Igglesden

As an Account Coordinator at imageseven, John’s days are filled with anything from blog and content writing to preparing inbound marketing campaigns. Away from the office you find him drinking coffee or craft beer and discussing clothes, cars and guitars.


Topics: Education, imageseven, Communication, Strategy, School culture, Marcom, School vision, Internal communication, Culture, Public relations, School marketing strategy, School marketing, School, School Marketing Institute