School assessment for principals

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School marketing communications health check This School Marketing and Communication Health Check is designed to help you, the school leader, to analyse, diagnose and ultimately prescribe the right intervention for your team.

Be warned, this is is probably not what you expect ...

  • First, this is a diagnostic tool designed specifically for principals, headmasters and non-marketers who hold ultimate accountability for the efficiency and effectiveness of their school’s marketing and communication.
  • Secondly, we’ll cut deep. This self-assessment is the equivalent of an MRI scan on your marketing and communications. We’ll scan and probe symptoms that are beyond the surface and what ailments might inhibit your performance. It concentrates on what creates sustainable, high-performance teams rather than operational issues that will have more straight-forward solutions.
  • Lastly, in this self-assessment, you are the clinician. You decide the diagnosis and prescribe any treatment.