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What is live streaming for your firm and why should you consider it?

Posted by John Igglesden on Fri, Mar 17, 2017

What is live streaming for your firm and why should you consider it?Live streaming is taking over the world of social media. The massive rise in use of video online has encouraged content producers to think of new ways they can use visual content to engage their audience. Live streaming is a perfect example of an innovative way to use video on social media. Live streaming is not an original idea but giving the masses the opportunity to live stream through social media is a game changer. It has also created endless opportunities for organisations to create quick, engaging, free content. So what is live streaming for your firm on social media?

Live streaming is the ability to record video live from your phone, laptop or camera, and broadcast it live to your social media following. There are multiple social media channels that support live streaming but the popular ones are Facebook and Youtube. Another application, Periscope (owed by Twitter), is a social media channel dedicated to live streaming. The three live streaming services are slightly different in their delivery. Periscope, although owned by Twitter, is its own application, whilst Facebook live and Youtube work from within their respective social media channels. Periscope does integrate seamlessly with Twitter but was not forced upon Twitter’s ~320 million users as it is not directly part of Twitter. Facebook however, simply added live streaming as a feature of their social media channel so the 1.6 billion Facebook users now have the ability to ‘go live’.

Why should your firm consider live streaming?

Live streaming, if done well, creates a huge amount of usable content. As audiences look for more engaging ways to use social media, visual content is more and more sought after. Live streaming is by far the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to produce stimulating visual content for your firm. It removes the opportunity for post-production and leaves you with stripped back, real video content that can be very engaging for a client or other viewers. You might live stream an awards ceremony, important event or even just take the clients on a tour of your office. Important events are the most common use of live streaming and are a great way of connecting clients that could not be there in person.

Live streaming that is executed well is an effective tool, but when it is done badly can leave people bored or put off. Ensure that you don’t find yourself out of content half way through a live stream and make sure that everything you plan on streaming represents your firm in a positive manner. The other danger of live streaming is that if things go wrong, there is nothing you can do. If you decide to stream a walk around your office but stumble across staff messing around it would look bad for the firm. A final point to remember is that not all your staff will be happy being videoed so be conscious of what and whom you stream.

It is important to, at the very least, have a plan for your live stream so that you don’t find yourself lost or out of content. This will keep the viewers engaged and interested. Live streaming an office tour is a great idea unless half of the stream involves a long, boring walk down a corridor or a long wait in an elevator. Live streaming also offers great opportunities to offer something to the viewers. Maybe use live streaming to make important announcements about things that matter to your clients.

Whatever you decide to use it for, live streaming is a brilliant, cost effective way to create engaging content for your firm. If used well, it can position your firm as a modern, sophisticated choice for prospective clients.

If you want to find out more ways to use social media at your firm, download our free ebook.

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This blog was written by John Igglesden

As an Account Coordinator at imageseven, John’s days are filled with anything from blog and content writing to preparing inbound marketing campaigns. Away from the office you find him drinking coffee or craft beer and discussing clothes, cars and guitars.


Topics: Social media, imageseven, Communication, Marcom, Professional services marketing, PSM, Content marketing, Professional services