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How to add value to your firm’s brand identity on social media

Posted by Sarah Millinson on Thu, Jun 01, 2017

How to add value to your firm’s brand identity on social media

What is brand identity?
Brand identity captures how your brand is perceived by your customers and why they are motivated to choose your product or service. Your brand identity is represented in all the cleverly considered details: font, logo, brand colours, tone, newsletter layout or social media imagery. All these aspects speak to your customer, and give insight into your brand values and personality to confirm that you align with your audience’s values.

What you exhibit on your social media channels should reflect your brand’s persona and be consistent with all other marketing activity. Social media, after all is an extension of your website.

Let’s hone in on the elements that will add value to your firm’s brand identity on social media:

Firstly, you need to ensure you choose channels on social media that fit with your brand positioning. It is fruitless being on every channel for the sake of it. The aim is to engage with your audience as much as possible so you need to be active on your chosen platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are the most universally utilised channels to reinforce your brand identity. Many firm’s automatically set up an Instagram channel without considering their content. Unless you have a strong collection of images to share, it’s not the best option for your firm.

If you have a growing assembly of video content, it may be time to launch a YouTube channel. Google+ and LinkedIn are aimed at professional networking so ensure this will assist your brand strategy before joining. Interestingly, you may think Pinterest is not for your firm but it very well could be. If you have insightful, helpful or inspirational content, set up a Pinterest account to engage with your audience and effectively communicate your knowledgeable brand personality.

Visual Identiry
Employ a consistent and relevant visual identity to the look of your social media posts for harmony and recognisability. When you include imagery, it needs to have a similar look and feel. Similar backgrounds, hues, colours, layout and framing connect with your brand’s identity. Employ these rules for Instagram images, cover photos for Twitter and Facebook, category covers for Pinterest and all posts to cleverly craft what your viewer will feel. Do not obstruct images with text to sell or promote a product or service – let them tell a story about the kind of brand you are. Pictures do speak louder than words. Nike cleverly add their iconic tick to the corner of their edgy and powerful images that instantly makes them recognisable and trustworthy.

The tone of your messaging is crucial to your brand identity and needs to echo your personality and provoke an emotional response often within limited characters. Do you want to come across as cheeky, daring, professional or exciting? The language you use and how you say it offers insight into your brand. Social media posts are short and snappy so you need to get creative and inventive. Ask open-ended questions for increased click through rate and closed-ended questions for higher engagement. Surprising yet accurate information is an easy way to stir interest. Don’t forget to tactfully hint at the benefits on offer for your audience to encourage a click through.

You need to easily direct your followers to the information they want. The ultimate aim of your content being that they do indeed want that information and find value in your offering. Quality content is so important and should form the basis of your social media posts and campaigns. You can craft the messaging around the valuable information. Build a social media content calendar, learn how here and thoroughly plan what to post throughout the year around events, news, resources and campaigns. Add value to your brand identity by finding different ways to share your news. This could include posts based around:

  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Facts of the day
  • Themes for the week
  • Personal hashtags
Think about what engages you on other social media accounts and how best to display your offering to your audience. Be different, creative, knowledgeable and consistent in your social media posts to add value to your brand identity.

To explore the opportunities available for your brand on social media, download our social media tuneup ebook:

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This blog was written by Sarah Millinson

Sarah is an Account Manager at imageseven and a Marketing Communications professional originally from the UK. When she isn’t writing blogs or providing marketing support to her clients you can find her baking, running, hanging out with friends or planning her next travelling adventure.


Topics: B2B, Social media, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Online marketing, Marcom, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Professional services marketing, PSM, Digital communication trends, Content marketing