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professional services marketing

Celina Farrell

Recent Posts

Amplify your reach: content marketing checklist

Posted by Celina Farrell on Sun, Jun 07, 2015

The nature of marketing is changing - data, digital, social, mobile, analytics, real-time agility - these buzz words are now part of marketing vocabulary. As a professional services marketer you realise you need to shift your focus from pushing messages at people to engaging them in an ongoing conversation and relationship. However, unless your content appears when and where prospects or clients need it, it may as well be invisible.

While some content spreads virally, the majority needs to be distributed to reach the widest audience possible. Use this content marketing distribution checklist to maximise your reach.

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Topics: Inbound marketing, Social media, Content marketing, Content marketing distribution

Get your message to prospective clients

Posted by Celina Farrell on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

In order to sell your product or service, it is imperative that you get your message to the key decision makers. For this to be possible, you have to do something special to get these busy, in-demand people to take notice.

Mark Mason, CEO of Mason Zimbler, recalls, “95 percent of B2B direct marketing ends up in the bin, so we know we have to come up with something highly relevant and creative if we are to avoid that fate.”

Here are ten tips to help you get your marketing message past the gatekeepers to the senior decision makers:

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Topics: B2B, Lead generation, Website, Branding, Communication, Strategy

What impression does your business leave with prospective clients?

Posted by Celina Farrell on Wed, Jan 21, 2015

All my life I’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover. This English idiom is a metaphorical phrase which means "you shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone". But I do. And I’m not alone. The reality is most people do judge a book by its cover.

The impressions we make, as individuals and organisations, are powerful statements that shape how we are perceived by others. Everything we say and do says something about who we are. In other words, everything your business says and does, every newsletter, email and brochure, your website and advertising, all make a brand impression about your business and its products.

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Topics: B2B, Lead generation, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Strategy, Visual identity

Logon to the digital communication trends of 2015

Posted by Celina Farrell on Sat, Jan 17, 2015

The world of professional services marketing is not generally known for early adoption of cutting-edge marketing techniques. However, the bottom line is that your ideal clients are using the internet and social media to research their options. They're also talking to their friends and colleagues to get recommendations and suggestions for potential service providers.

You need to embrace the new buying process and meet your prospects on their terms. As you finalise the foundation of your 2015 marketing strategy, here are five marketing trends to give you a jump-start on your competitors:

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Topics: Social media, Social media marketing, Professional services marketing, Creating buyer personas, Digital communication trends

Five steps to building an editorial calendar for your business blog

Posted by Celina Farrell on Sat, Jan 10, 2015

The more you blog, the more prospective clients you drive to your site. In fact, Hubspot’s data shows businesses that blog generate 55 percent more website visitors, 97 percent more inbound links, and 434 percent more indexed pages on average.

In order to create this content, editors need to spend a lot of time coordinating blog content which may involve recruiting writers, setting guidelines, and, of course, editing and publishing content. This is no easy task, but we are here to help you get started coordinating all that blog content.

Here are five simple steps you can take to schedule your next month of blog post content

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Topics: B2B, Lead generation, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, Communication, Strategy, Blogging

Five point Facebook plan for Christmas

Posted by Celina Farrell on Sat, Dec 13, 2014

If your advent calendar is fast running out of days and you are unprepared for Christmas, don’t despair! Here are some quick and innovative ideas to include into your Christmas marketing strategies before and during the festivities:

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Topics: B2B, Social media, imageseven, Online marketing, Social media management

Five content creation ideas for connecting with your customers

Posted by Celina Farrell on Thu, Dec 11, 2014

The one constant challenge running through every content marketing program is content creation.

Like many of us, you likely ask yourself, “What tactics should I use and how can I execute them?“ Below are five tactical ideas to inspire you and to help you become more confident with content marketing

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Topics: B2B, Lead generation, Inbound marketing, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Strategy, Online marketing

Is your business falling behind the video?

Posted by Celina Farrell on Tue, Dec 09, 2014

Video is well on its way to becoming the whiz-kid of content marketing. With high-speed Internet and an array of categories to choose from, YouTube alone receives more than three billion views on a daily basis. Most of these views are on product and service videos.

The form is mobile and dynamic, highly shareable and if employed correctly, can be far more engaging than traditional outbound marketing. Various studies show more than half of businesses are already making use of the medium – a figure that's predicted to rise as more and more realise the possibilities. Nielsen claims 64 per cent of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing communications (marcom) strategies in the near future.

Here are our five favourite tips for video content marketing:

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Topics: B2B, Website, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Strategy, Online marketing, Marcom, Visual identity

12 ways to get more email subscribers

Posted by Celina Farrell on Tue, Dec 02, 2014

For lots of businesses, publishing blog posts can feel a little anticlimactic. You spend all this time researching, writing, editing and designing to get your post out the door, and when you finally hit publish ... nothing happens.

Enter: Blog subscribers. If you can get people to subscribe to your blog via email, you can start to build a long-term, sustainable audience interested in what you have to say. These are the people who will notice when you hit "publish."

So how do you actually get people to part with their information and subscribe to receive your blog posts? Here is a checklist to get you started:

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Topics: Email marketing, B2B, Lead generation, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Strategy

Email regains top spot for B2B marketing

Posted by Celina Farrell on Wed, Nov 19, 2014

According to new research conducted by Econsultancy email is more likely to drive traffic to company websites when compared to other digital marketing initiatives. In Econsultancy’s latest Email Marketing Census marketers claim that Email Marketing delivers the best return on investment (ROI).

Over the last eight years Email Marketing has consistently been cited by marketers as having delivered the highest or second highest ROI compared to other channels such as PPC, Search, Direct Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing. While digital channels keep sprouting like weeds, email has remained in the background as a reliable touch point for marketers; always evolving to help them engage further with customers.

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Topics: Email marketing, B2B, Lead generation, Inbound marketing, Website, imageseven, Branding, Communication, Strategy


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