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How to be an outstanding marketer: get noticed at your firm

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In this webinar, we'll show you how to get your Managing Director ‘onboard’ with the marketing process. 

You'll learn:

1. How to get the value of your marketing recognised.
2. The three core competencies of successful professional services marketing.
3. The top tools available to market your firm and keep you ahead of the game.
4. What it takes to be an outstanding marketer.

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Webinar presenters

Brad Entwistle Presenter: Brad Entwistle, Managing Director, imageseven
For 30 years, Brad has worked in almost every communication medium, old and new, to discover the nuance of why they connect with their audiences. Combined with his strategic mindset and a deep understanding of how business works, Brad reveals the strategic marketing communications insights that build a firm's value. You can email Brad at 
 Andrew Sculthorpe
Presenter: Andrew Sculthorpe, Business Director, imageseven
Andrew began his career in marketing and media in the UK, and immigrated to Perth in 2004. Time spent working in marketing communications at Marketforce and Seven West Media has enabled Andrew to advise clients on all aspects of their marcom strategies across old and new media alike. You can email Andrew at