How to build a brand in this digital era

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In this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. What a brand is and why it's so important

  2. How brands are engaging using digital media

  3. How to differentiate your brand digitally

  4. How to monitor and measure your online presence

  5. How to build organisational equity and customer confidence

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Webinar presenters

Laura Sheahan

Presenter: Laura Sheahan, Strategic Communications Director, imageseven

With a strong background in communications through work with a varied range of clients in the Middle East and Australia, Laura is a professional services and education marketing communications specialist working with business owners and leaders to lift their brand and reveal the true value they deliver to their customers. You can email Laura at  

Tess Palmyre
Presenter: Tess Palmyre, Account Manager, imageseven 

Tess has 15 years’ experience working in a range of environments including education, agency, health and not-for-profit, before starting as an Account Manager at imageseven. You can email Tess at