How to create an effective website

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Web Excellence Program PSM Your new website will not only be functional, informative, user-friendly and visually appealing, but specifically tailored to appeal to and add value to your firm as well as prospective clients.

imageseven’s Web Excellence Program (WEP) is an eight to twelve week program dedicated to the development and launch of your new website, or improvement to an existing site.

Throughout the WEP, we’ll share our recommendations and expertise to craft a website that is not only functional, informative, user-friendly and visually appealing, but is specifically tailored to appeal to and add value to your clients and prospects and generate business leads. Once completed, your website will support your organisation’s goals and objectives, be based on the reality of how your clients interact with the web, and put you firmly in control of your website.

Two defining differences guide imageseven’s approach:

  1. Understanding how business-to-business purchasers think and behave gives us deep insight into why the message is critical. B2B purchasers do more research. As a provider of a B2B product or service, your job is to tell your client why your company is the only credible alternative in the marketplace.
  2. Writing for an online audience is different to writing for readers in print … the information needs to be timely, accurate, easy-to-read, brief and rich in search engine keywords. Most web developers fail to recognise the significance of this.

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