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“The point that imageseven impressed on us was, don’t lose the value you’ve built in the brand. Capitalise on it. You have to go through the process and be prepared to be challenged. But I guarantee you’ll be very happy with the outcome because you wouldn’t get there without the imageseven process. They’re a very powerful organisation.”

Strategic Insurance & Risk Solutions Managing Director, Colin Smith

imageseven’s Visual Identity Program (VIP) is an eight to ten week program designed to create your new visual identity or re-define your existing visual identity. It will arm you with the essentials to ensure consistent application across all of your communications.

Once completed, you will have a new visual identity and the tools to ensure that all communications support your organisation’s goals and objectives, as well as conveying a consistent message to clients, staff and stakeholders.

A visual identity has the power to influence – good or bad – how your customers perceive your business. For some established businesses, a visual identity can represent a significant brand asset. So making the decision to change your visual identity is a big decision and should make you swallow hard.

Three program milestones provide the platform to get you to your key goal – making a successful transition from the old visual identity to the new:

  • Logo creative and master files
  • Stationery pack
  • Style guide

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